Saturday, 18 November 2017

Saturday thoughts . . .

When I was a much younger woman, I lived for a time in Western Canada. Tornadoes were always a big fear of mine. Whenever we had a big storm, there was always the danger that one would touch down, and indeed I have had to live through more than one large Tornado threat, although, thankfully,  have never been in an area that was directly hit. One time, following a particularly long and furious storm, I walked out into my back garden afterwards to assess the damage.  As I stepped out onto my back porch, I was confronted with the biggest, most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen. It's colours were so vivid and brilliant . . . oranges, reds, purples, blues, greens and yellows . . . Even more stunning, was the fact that immediately below this brilliant rainbow, there was another rainbow, every bit as brilliant and beautiful as the other. 

I had never seen anything like this before . . . or since. I immediately had to run back into the house and tell everyone to "Come and See!" We were all amazed and almost numb to see such a beautiful sight!  It only actually lasted moments in reality, but has stayed forever in my memory and mind. This thing of great beauty touched not only my own life, but those I had shared it with, and probably hundreds of others who just happened to be looking at the same after-the-storm sky as I . . .

It is not every day we are invited to witness a wondrous thing such as this. These moments are all too rare and fleeting. Just over two thousand years ago . . . a similar invitation was given to two hardworking brothers who were fishing upon the Sea of Galilee . . . casting out their nets. As Christ walked along the shore, they called out to Him, asking . . . "Rabbi where dwellest thou?" and He replied . . . "Come and See." 

(source) Youngsong Kim

 This same invitation is one that He still extends to all who would come within sight of Him. It is our choice to accept or decline. What happens after we "come and see," is no less miraculous or life changing, as it is to see and experience the beauty of a double rainbow . . . an invitation that can help to deliver us from the time constraints, worldly pursuits, pride, chores and other pressures which may prevent us from experiencing and witnessing all the beauty and joy that this life holds for those who would choose to walk His path and follow Him.

We all have nets . . . and we fill them with different things . . . things which drag us down and prevent us from reaching our full potential . . . which keep us from having a full and meaningful relationship with the Saviour. Today, won't you "Come and see?" You may be amazed at what you discover about yourself . . . and about His love for you. Leave your nets behind and walk His way. You may not hear the soft rhythm of sandled feet, but if you begin each day with a prayer in your hearts, I believe you will hear the soft whispered assurance that you do not travel this day alone.

And some days that assurance is needed much more than on others . . .


These past few weeks of waiting, knowing that Todd was going to be having his post/post blood test for cancer have been really playing on my mine, and I know Todd's also. I have tried to remain positive and for the most part I've been successful . . . but underneath it all no matter how hard I have tried, there has been an undercurrent of dread. You just can't help it.  Cancer colours your life in a way that is very difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it.  Once it has touched your life, it stays with you forever . . .  because you carry with you forever . . . because you know that it can come back, and when it does it is usually worse than it was the first time around. It is the unwanted visitor that returns with a vengeance.  I cannot explain the relief that was felt yesterday when Todd got the results of his latest PSA blood test.  All is still well.  We both exhaled palpable sighs of relief.  And I am sure, for all that I love him, his was deeper than mine.

We both just felt, really, really, really blessed.
And we get to do it again in another six month's time.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers!
We could feel them!


I think I will bake some cookies today.  We have a lot to do . . . polish up our lesson for tomorrow. Its not easy teaching a class with your husband. We both have such different ways of going about it. He has an analytical mind and I have a feeling driven mind, so we kind of have to balance the two together and come out with a lesson that is interesting and inspiring and that actually teaches people what they are there to learn.  Plus we have a person in the class who likes to take over and overwhelm everyone else.  We have been racking our brains all week, trying to figure out a way to deal with that in a caring manner that won't hurt anyone's feelings.  Plus today we have to do the fish tank, etc.  I also like to make sure my house is spickety span for Sunday.  

And that note I will leave you with a thought for today . . .  

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.°There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the
mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than
ten thousand tongues.  They are the messengers
of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition,
and of unspeakable love.
~Washington Irving    •。★★ 。* 。。*˚


BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's Reading - 1 Nephi 18:21-19:6 
Question - What have you learnt from the reading today? Why is it important to be honest with ourselves about our weaknesses?
What I learnt -I love step one of the addiction recovery manual. Step 1 is about honesty but it is also about being able to "admit that you, of yourself, are powerless". Honesty opens the door to humility and change. Nephi was aware of his weaknesses, as was Moroni who received an answer from the Lord in Ether 12:27 which says "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." I love the phrase "His grace is sufficient". 
Honesty and humility allow us to access the atonement, where can receive the Saviour's grace, or in other words, His strength and His ability to overcome weakness which he did throughout his perfect life. There is a brilliant ensign article called "it isn't a sin to be weak" by Wendy Ulrich, which was recommended to me. It completely changed the way I view my weaknesses and I like this quote from it,  "We cannot simply repent of being weak—nor does weakness itself make us unclean. We cannot grow spiritually unless we reject sin, but we also do not grow spiritually unless we accept our state of human weakness, respond to it with humility and faith, and learn through our weakness to trust in God. When Moroni fretted about the weakness of his writing, God did not tell him to repent. Instead, the Lord taught him to be humble and to have faith in Christ. As we are meek and faithful, God offers grace—not forgiveness—as the remedy for weakness. Grace is an enabling power from God to do what we cannot do on our own - the appropriate godly remedy by which He can “make weak things become strong.” 
I like verse 21 & 22. After Nephi had prayed 'the winds did cease, and the storm did cease, and there was a great calm'. Now they were able to sail again towards the promise land. There can be a big difference between how I feel when I start to pray, to how I feel at the end of my prayers. When I'm experiencing 'a storm' and I choose to pray to Heavenly Father, He calms my heart and my mind. I don't feel overcome by or stuck in the storm anymore. This calmness helps me feel ready to 'sail again', to move onwards in the right direction.
Tomorrow's reading (Day 30) - 1 Nephi 19:7-24 
Question - What have you learnt from the reading today? How do you show the Lord that you don't see Him as a thing of naught?


Baking in the kitchen today  . . .  Breakfast Stollen Slices.  Sooo simple.  Soooo good.

Have a wonderful Saturday.  No matter what you get up to, don't forget!

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!


Friday, 17 November 2017

My Friday Finds . . .

A few of the things I find each week that pique my interest and inspire me to want to do, create, become, etc. Maybe they will also inspire you!  

These Crisp Sugar Cookies look dangerous!  From Taste of Home.

I could not find a source for these lovely cards.  I think they are adorable.  I don't think they would be really hard to make.


Fairy Face Designs, Minimalist Tree Table Runner.  I love this. 

I also love this sweet pillow from A Quilting Life.  

The Sewing Directory, How to use a buttonhold food.  I have never learned how to do this! There is no time like the present!  

This would be a challenging project, but so cute.  From Sweet Potato 3, on Ravelry.  Not free, but not expensive either.  

Monsters Pajama Case, also not free but so cute.  From Love Knitting.  Crochet.  These would be fab gifts for kids, any time of year.  And you could also give them a set of pajamas to go into it.

Toilet Paper Roll Santas.  From Krokotak.  So cute and easy too!  


From Create Craft Love.  Snow Globe Wreath. This is adorable. A complete tutorial.

I Think We Could Be Friends.  35 Elf on the Shelf ideas using things form the dollar store. I wish they had had an Elf On the Shelf when my kids were growing up! 

Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing.  I think those are chocolate chips, lol. People have wonderful  minds, don't they? 


No source, just inspiration.  Using rubber stamps to make designs on cookie dough.  I may give this a try!


Did you know you can make a chocolate mold for anything using brown sugar?  I could not find a source for this either, but I am assuming you just brush the brown sugar off once it has set. 

Again, no source, but looks very simple to do.  I can't wait for Easter!  Can you see this with some little chocolate eggs, bunnies, etc.?


Six Clever Sisters, "No Sew"felt poinsetta napkin rings. 

And I'm afraid that is it for this week!  For some reason Pinterest (which I use to find these clever things) is not sending me to links that open up today, so I am having to go onto Google and search there from pictures I find on Pinterest and that is taking me twice as long.  Sorry about that!  I updated my Mozilla yesterday so I wonder if it has anything to do with that?

Todd was really grumpy yesterday.  I am sure he is a bit worried about going to the Doctor today and seeing what his blood PSA test results were.  I am nervous for him. Love him so much and I really hope that things are still alright.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  That is the thing about cancer. They might knock it back, but you spend the rest of your life worrying that it is going to come back.  We just have to take each day as it comes and be grateful for each one.  ♥♥♥

A thought to carry with you  . . . 

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.°A single thread of hope,
is still a very powerful thing.
~Unknown ° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •


BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's Reading - 1 Nephi 18:5-20
 Question Why do you think the Lord didn't deliver Nephi immediately, like in 1 Nephi 7:16-20? How can this apply to you in your life?

What I learntWhen I have lost the spirit, I lose direction, I lose the drive to do anything, and I wander. And it's not until I repent, that I feel a sense of direction, of purpose and power to stay on the charted course to Heavenly Father. I love the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", I love every single word of it, but when I hear, read or think of the last three lines . . . it gets me right in my heart!  

"Let thy goodness like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to thee
Prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love. 
Here's my heart, O take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above." 

Sometimes I get disheartened by my inconsistency, I want to always remember Him, and His ways and submit my will to Him all day, everyday, but often, without even knowing it, I am wandering away once again. But my hope is that this is part of being a fallen natural woman and that as I work on recognising the patterns that lead to wandering for me, and that in the act of spending my life doing this, I am actually giving Him my heart to seal it His.

 I think that sometimes the Lord uses his righteous servants in strange, and seemingly unfair ways, in order to teach other people. Some examples would be 1. Job was righteous and had everything taken away from him so that the Lord could show Satan that Satan had no power over him. 2. Abinadi died a horrible death in order to teach king Noah's people that truth. 3. Nephi had to go through being tied up for days in order for his brothers to see the Lord power and to see how much the Lord helps them when they are nice to Nephi.  I don't think that Nephi did anything wrong in order for him to deserve being tied up for so long. The Lord blesses the righteous who go through such trials eternally.  He said to Joseph Smith,  My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.  It can be really hard and sometimes really faith stretching to go through our trials, but we can always have the hope that in the end we will be delivered, one way or another.  We just have to remain faithful.  I think this is where the enduring to the end comes in!

Tomorrow's reading (Day 29) -1 Nephi 18:21-19:6 
Question - What have you learnt from the reading today? Why is it important to be honest with ourselves about our weaknesses?


Cooking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  Steak & Stilton Hot Pot.  Comfort food!

Have a wonderful Friday.  I hope it is filled with goodness and light!  Don't forget! 

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too! 


PS - Must share the good news!  Todd's PSA Levels were well within the normal range!  Whew!  Thank God for answered prayers! 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

My Favourite things . . .

A few of my favourite things that you might also enjoy.  Lets enjoy them together. 

It feels like bragging, but its not, and I hope you don't think it is, but my book is now out of stock on all the sites, so clearly the publisher under-estimated the sales.  They are re-printing  now and you can pre-order for delivery when it comes back in.  I am thinking this is either a very good thing, or a nightmare, but I am going to be optomistic and think its a good thing!  Thank you all so much for your support!  I have the best readers and friends in the world I think! 

Grandchildren and the first snowfall of the year.  This picture is one of my favourite things at the moment. I am reminded of my own childhood and how very exciting the first snowfall of the year was. Yes, I am like Lorelai Gilmore. I can smell snow and that first snowfall of the year was so exciting and one of my favourite things.  If you are an adult and think that its not, just try to channel your inner child! 

Nyakers Pepparkakor from Costco.  Not only is there the tin (I LOVE TINS) but there are those addictive,  betcha can't eat just one, crisp ginger biscuits inside.  I adore these biscuits.  The only problem with them, is that you really CAN'T eat just one, and I don't need to be eating any. 😍  

Really good Balsamic Vinegar.  I could eat it with a spoon. If its a really good Balsamic its not sharp or acidic. Its delicious!  I love dipping bread into it.  Good french bread.  And if you also have a good extra virgin olive oil, you can dip it into both and it's magnifico!


Meeting new people and making new friends!  I am not as shy as I once thought I was.  Although I am a bit reluctant to go into a crowd of new people and put myself forward, I am also a lot more confident. Now that I am older and don't really care about what other people think of me all that much, I really love meeting new people and learning all about them.  I think people are fascinating!

"I think I pea-d myself!"

Aldi's Kevin the Carrot has returned for another year in their latest Christmas advert.  I think these taking carrots are quite cute.  Actually I love all of the Christmas Adverts that the major supermarket chains put out over here.  This year my favourite one is  . . . . 

The John Lewis one with the Monster under the bed, but I am also very fond of the Paddington Bear one from M & S.   

Who doesn't love Paddington Bear! 

I have always wanted to have my own Paddington Bear. Maybe one day. 


Another bear I have always loved is Rupert the Bear.  Someone sent my sister a Rupert Annual when she was a child, with magic painting pictures and everything.  I truly coveted that book! I really did!  I think I just about wore the pages out in it, and it wasn't even my book.

But then again, as you know, I love humanized

Pinterest.  I spend altogether too much time on there each day, but I am totally fascinated with all that I see.  I will never, ever, EVER be able to explore all that I have pinned thoroughly, but I do so much enjoy perusing and saving.  In all truth a lot of what I have tried to do myself from off there has been an epic failure, but I have also had some amazing successes too.  So its not all bad. 


Another site I really enjoy is Pinterest Fail. #pinterestfail   I can go there when I have an epic failure and know that I am not alone, lol.  You just have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes in this life.  It beats the alternative any day! 

Enamelware, vintage or otherwise. Maybe I am common, but I would love a whole set for every day, and I do love baking in it.


And I love my huge turkey roasting granitewear tin.  I brought it back over here in my suitcase. When Todd saw me buying it, he said to me, "You are never going to bring that back with you!"  I said, "Watch me, and learn."  By the time I filled it with my clothes and packed everything around it, it took up no more space in my suitcase than the width of it's enamel, and it was not all that heavy either. No flies on me!  

Thanksgiving.  I love it almost as much as Christmas.  I love the American tradition of celebrating it in November.  It helps to usher in the Christmas season perfectly.  


And this year I have much to be thankful for.

I believe in the amazing Power of Prayer.  Todd had his follow up six month blood test earlier this week, and an appointment  next week I think. (I need to check the calendar)  I am praying so hard that the cancer is still at bay and has not returned.  A good friend of ours was diagnosed the day after he retired in July, went into hospital that day and never came out.  He passed away two weeks ago. Totally and utterly devastating for the whole family and for our congregation. He was such a special man. I am praying that all will be well with Todd, and that if it is not, that we both have the strength to deal with whatever comes our way.

And with that I best leave you with a thougt for the day . . . 

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.°  Pray without ceasing,
Give thanks in all things,
For this is the will of God in
Christ Jesus for you.
~1 Thess.5: 17 - 18 •。★★ 。* 。 


BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's Reading - 1 Nephi 17:48-18:4
Question What have you learnt from the reading today? How can we build our lives "after the manner which the Lord had shown unto us"?  

What I learnt - I love these verses and how they teach us to build our lives 'not after the manner of men' but 'after the manner which the Lord' shows us. One thought I had is  for us to fully build our lives & our homes upon the Lord's standards in 'for the strength of youth'. As we do this, we will always be prepared & ready to feel the Holy Ghost's influence, and have Him show us what choices & changes we need to make to build ourselves, our families and our homes in the Lord's way. He is the one with the perfect plan of happiness for us, not man. This has been a gentle reminder for me to look to Him, ask Him, listen to Him & follow His instructions. 
Tomorrow's Reading (Day 28) - 1 Nephi 18:5-20
Question Why do you think the Lord didn't deliver Nephi immediately, like in 1 Nephi 7:16-20? How can this apply to you in your life? 

In The English Kitchen today . . .  Ham, Leek & Potato Gratin. Quite simply delicious.

Have a fabulous Thursday!  Hope it is filled with a few of your favourite things!  Don't forget!

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And I do too!  



Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tradition . . . .

We love musicals in this house, especially the older ones.   Actually I can't think of too many musicals  that have been made in recent years, except for Les Mis, but in any case . . . we love watching musicals.  One of our favourites is Fiddler on the Roof.  The songs are spectacular and the story is so touching and endearing . . . probably because we know how the story really ends . . . (the holocaust and WW2) . . . but this story of this family and their small village, and the bravery and love of it's people  is a lovely one . . .  built upon the foundation of tradition.  

"Because of our traditions, we have kept our balance for many, many years. Here in Anatevka, we have traditions for everything: how to how to eat, how to sleep, how to wear clothes. For instance, we always keep our heads covered, and always wear a little prayer-shawl. This shows our constant devotion to God. You may ask, how did this tradition start? I'll tell you. I don't know. But it's a tradition. And because of our traditions, every one of us knows who he is, and what God expects him to do."  ~Tevye 

Tradition is really important to family . . . next to love, it is a part of the fabric and glue which holds a family together. They can be as simple as always calling soup stewp because it's thick like a stew, but really a soup . . . or as complicated as sewing matching pajamas for all five of your children in the run up to Christmas!  Traditions involve time and commitment, but are always worth it in the long run, because they pay big dividends.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was one year, as I watched my oldest son's two children coming down the stairs via the ipad on Christmas morning . . .  and they were wearing matching pajamas!  (Albeit it in different colours.)  That spoke to my heart.  A value I had instilled in my son as a child was being passed on to his children. 

Family traditions help us to feel like we belong to something far greater than ourselves.  That sense of belonging is a warm and cosy feeling that we will probably never feel anyplace else, until we grow up and meet our true intended and have a family of our own, and then that feeling will not replace the old feeling, but will be an extension of what we already had . . . does that make sense?

When I was a child and we were in the car going someplace, every time we passed a Cemetary we knew without a doubt my father would ask the same old question . . . "How many people in that Cemetary are dead?"  The answer of course was all of them,  but we always had fun guessing how many there were when we were young.  Of course as we got older we knew the answer but we would still humor our father by guessing and letting him tell the punch line.  I found myself years later repeating this same exercise with my own children.   

 Happy Memories are a natural and wonderful by product of family tradition.  When my own children were growing up we had a cassette tape that we always played when we were on a drive in the car, long journey or short . . . all of our adventures were accompanied by the music of "Hooked on  Classics!"  Every childhood memory of journies and adventures taken comes with a sound track . . . and my children's is the music of  Tchaikovsky,  Beethoven, Rachmaninov and Bach on Disco steroids!  To this day when I hear this music my heart swells with love and happy memories.   A few years ago my son send me a sound byte of one of these discs and it was clear to me that this was a happy memory for him.   Happy memories stemming from a tradition that we never even realized we were building.

Things like Pancakes for breakfast whenever a friend stayed over night . . . buttermilk pancakes with peaches and Maple Syrup for breakfast whenever we visited Uncle Ewen and Aunt Micheline  ...whoopsie cake with Uncle Bruce, etc.   Traditions . . . 

 Family traditions create a special bond that you will never be able to share with anyone else.  Spending time together, doing things as a family . . . laughing together, playing together, talking together, crying together . . . sharing . . . these all help to create a special closeness, a feeling of togetherness and safety, especially when those traditions are positive ones.   As an adult I realized that my brother, sister and I share a special history with each other that we share with nobody else on earth.  It is a history which is as old as ourselves and which cannot be replicated no matter how hard we try.  I am so very grateful for that bond.   

My sister has been my best friend for 59 years, and my brother for 57.  We may go for weeks sometimes without speaking to each other, time and distance and the busy-ness of life sometimes gets in the way of contact . . . but that bond is never broken and when we do speak, it's as if there has been no time and space lost in between.  We share a history of family traditions and love and memories that are unique to us.  It's a special gift and we cherish it.


Tradition doesn't always look backwards though . . . it also looks forwards.   Traditions give us things to look forward to . . . its that happy feeling you get when you know something nice is going to happen, because it always has happened in that same special way.   Things like knowing that there is always going to be a tangerine in the toe of your stocking, and you are always going to have Turkey for dinner at Christmas . . . that you are always going to go as a whole to listen to the carols on Christmas Eve, or you are going to wake up on the morning of your birthday to a room filled with balloons . . . listening to the Queen's message together on Christmas Day . . . 


Traditions bring value to a family, and fill a child's heart with goodness.  They teach children that they are a part of something good and wholesome . . . a tradition well planned and executed can help to teach children wholesome values and morals . . . things which will help to stand them in good stead all of their lives.  Reading the scriptures together as a family, beginning and ending each day with family prayer . . . going to church together, helping each other out when the going gets tough, etc. 

As the Good Book says "Each shall seek his own kind". In other words, a bird may love a fish... but where would they build a home together?

The Bible also says that we should train up a child in the way in which he should go and he will not depart from it.  This is done by example, tradition . . . and  love. 

I am so very grateful that I have a heart filled with tradition and love and that I was able to share some of that with my children that they now share with theirs.   It is our legacy . . . 

”Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.  Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” 

What are some of the traditions you built as a family that still bring you joy?   I would love to hear about them! 

A thought to carry with you through today . . . ° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.° "A friend is one that knows you as you are, 
understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, 
and still . . .  gently allows you to grow."
~William Shakespeare
° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •

Sometimes Shakespeare can be quite surprising don't you think! 


BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's Reading - 1 Nephi 17:31-47
Question What have you learnt from the reading today? Why do you think Nephi is referring to Moses' experiences? 

What I learntI love the descriptions that Nephi gives of what the Lord has done for them (and us). "The Lord hath created, He raiseth, He leadeth, He ruleth, He loveth, He loved, He Covenanted, He remembered, He did bring them, He did straighten them, He prepared." It's so loving. He also reminds the brothers that He destroyeth and curseth.  I always used to struggle with this, it didn't sound loving, until I realised that, this too is loving, if we look at it with an eternal perspective. We have come here to progress, and if people are not progressing, God moves them on to the next part of eternity, to be taught in spirit prison where hopefully they will take the Saviour's name upon them and keep His commandments. This helped me to understand the flood, also all the war chapters later on in the Book of Mormon.

I feel like Nephi is killing two birds with one stone here. Not only is he trying to show his brothers how much they are like the hard hearted Israelites, but also, I believe this record is for our day. And he is pointing to me, asking me, are you being like these my brethren? Is your heart hardening to the truth? to God's ways? Are you going to let the Lord help you through this journey,  you have to make it, you can't go round it,  don't be like my brothers or like the Israelites, please let the Lord help you. 

I like this quote by Elder Wirthlin which goes well with verse 45 and the phrase 'ye were past feeling'. Elder wirthlin says "Spiritual insensitivity isn’t just a problem for those with serious sin: I fear that some members of the Lord’s Church ‘live far beneath our privileges’ with regard to the gift of the Holy Ghost. Some are distracted by the things of the world that block out the influence of the Holy Ghost, preventing them from recognizing spiritual promptings. This is a noisy and busy world that we live in. Remember that being busy is not necessarily being spiritual. If we are not careful, the things of this world can crowd out the things of the Spirit." Another quote I read recently that I love is this:  'If you have felt the influence of the holy ghost today, you may take it as evidence that the atonement is working in your life.'  
Tomorrow's Reading (Day 27) -1 Nephi 17:48-18:4
Question What have you learnt from the reading today? How can we build our lives "after the manner which the Lord had shown unto us"? 

(Sorry it I went on a bit, but my heart was full!) 


In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Custard Filled Corn Bread.  This is delicious cut into squares and served warm for breakfast with a drizzle of Maple Syrup! 

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